Monday, May 31, 2010


Last night we had a great time laughing and joking as we posted on our blog, but I wanted to be sure to point out the reality of things that are happening in Guatemala. If it is not in the news up there, take a minute and check it out. First a volcanic eruption and then the tropical storm, people have lost much - possessions, homes, even lives. Please be in prayer for this country and the people there.

Truly, we are safe and very blessed, maybe a little inconvenienced but maybe that is a blessing too.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

songs for the musical based on the true events of our travel experience

to the tune of "We love you Conrad" from Bye Bye Birdie"
We love Continental, oh yes we do.
and American, we love you too!
When we're with Delta, we're blue
Oh United, we love you!

to the tune of "Oh Christmas Tree"
Oh Delta flight, oh Delta flight
We so dislike your airline (2 times)

You really are the biggest pain
We wish that you could fly in rain

Oh Delta flight, oh Delta flight
We so dislike your airline

From Veggie Tales - these two songs are still in process

Oh where is my airplane, oh where is my airplane, oh where, oh where, oh where,oh where, oh where, oh where, is my airplane?

We are the pilots who do not fly in rain
we work for Delta and its a drain
and if you ask us, to fly anytime,
then we will tell you, we don't fly anywhere

to the tune of Jesus, lover of my soul
Delta, the truth we finally know
Delta, you'll never let us go

Delta, the pain in my side
Delta, I just wanna get a ride

You got me in a rainy pit,
Delta, you make me want to spit

You hate me, that hurts me,
what did I ever do, I wish patience were not a virtue
Delta, the truth we finally know
Delta, you'll never let us go

things we did not want to know that we learned today

This is not the raining season - that starts the beginning of June. In other words, Tuesday, the day we are hoping to fly out.

Tropical depression has taken on a new meaning, it is not just a weather term, it can be a medical term, and we did not learn about it in Pastoral Counseling this semester.

Delta airlines is really simply trying to teach us patience.

Delta's slogan is "safety first" clearly flying is not a priority and customer service never enters the picture - stranded in another country, we can help you out with a hotel discount - for only $60 a night you can stay in a luxury hotel - how are you going get there? Good question, there is no discount for that. (we are so thankful for the missionaries, WGM's guesthouse, and the transportation the WGM is providing - these are all expenses that we did not raise money for)

Delta airlines is changing their name to Delta landlines (ok, maybe not)

Even if other airlines are flying, Delta can still say they cannot fly because of the weather.

Oh no, we heard there might be snow tomorrow in Alaska, clearly the flights from Honduras will be canceled - we are not sure why, but we are learning patience!

Confirmation, they keep saying that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

Is there a record for the number of confirmed tickets one person can have that they cannot actually use? We think not, but if there is a chance for the record book, we want to be sure our names are spelled correctly!

Today, with our confirmation number entered into the computer, the desk clerk asked for 8 people none of whom were on our team - really inspires confidence.

We learned Santa no longer uses reindeer, clearly he uses Delta, which is why he can only fly out one time per year! True story, he confirms his first flight in June!

Hey want to boost your countries economy? Don't let the tourist leave!

Packing is easy, we pack all we own everyday!

Who knew the airport could be a "no fly zone"

We don't actually know where the name Delta came from, but some ideas we came up with
DELTA - Don't Ever Let Travelers Arrive
Delta Exploits lost and Tired Americans
Delta Encourages Long Travel Arrangements
Don't Expect Leaving This Area
Delta Employees Lack Travel Assistance
Don't Expect to Leave Today Amigos
Don't Expect to Leave Tomorrow Amigos
Don't Expect to Leave To-Ever Amigos

We will keep you updated about our learning experiences!
Shushan, Julianna, Stephanie, Nick - maybe we should get some sleep

planes, planes

So, yesterday with some negotiation, we were able to make arrangements for half of the team to fly out of San Pedro Sula, a city on the other side of Honduras with a more accessible airport. The other seven of us were trying to fly out of Teguc again today. The flight from Teguc was canceled again, but I received confirmation from the missionary that the group flying out of San Pedro Sula were able to fly out today! Wonderful news, Danny, Deanna, Rachael, JJ, Shianne, Zach, and Brittney are all home now.

The rest of the team was given the option of flying out of Teguc on Thursday, San Pedro Sula on Tuesday, or El Salvador on Tuesday. We picked San Pedro Sula, it is better than waiting the two extra days and hoping to get out here or having to go to a different country.

Please continue to pray for the team. And of course for this weather system - this in not a normal occurrence, but their is a storm - "tropical depression Agatha," the first bid storm of the season and it is over Guatemala right now, we are getting some of the effects of that storm in the weather, but not the destruction that Guatemala is facing. Truly, we are safe here at the guesthouse and though the weather is inconvenient, there are no concerns for us.

This has been a restful day and though I am not sure what tomorrow holds, I am certain it will be lovely as well. We will be headed out at about 4:30am on Tuesday to drive to the coast of Honduras with the hope of catching a flight to Atlanta and on to Lexington. We hope to arrive at 8:40pm on Tuesday. What an amazing team God put together for this trip, the attitudes have been amazing. Truly I am so thankful for each person. Please keep praying for us!

Still praising Him! :-)

I'm still agreeing with Shushan... yesterday was great fun, and all these bonus days have been lovely! The other seven headed out early for San Pedro Sula this morning, and we pray that all goes well with them.

As for us, our flight was canceled. :-) We're going to go to the airport anyway and perhaps try to get on another airline. If nothing else, we'll go to San Pedro Sula and get a flight out tomorrow, like the others are doing today.

No matter what happens, we know that God is still good, and we can rest in the peace of knowing we can trust Him. I am thankful for the awesome opportunities He's given us -- not only at El Sembrador, but also here at the guest house in Tegucigalpa. Here at the guest house we may not be able to minister to others like we could at El Sembrador, but we can be still and let Him teach us.

One blessing I can already mention for today... this breakfast is awesome. :-) A huge frosted homemade cinnamon roll, a fresh Honduran banana, and a cup of Honduran coffee (with lots of milk and sugar). Just one more bit of evidence that God loves His children. :-)

Praise Him with us, and continue praying that His will would be done for us on this trip. We pray that His blessings would remain upon you, as well. He is good!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

today was a really good day!

I have lost track of my bonus days! I am not really sure where to start counting. We were scheduled to leave on Thursday and we didn't, so I am not sure if that should count as my first bonus day or if Friday should be my first bonus day.

Thursday morning we went to the airport and checked in and our flight was delayed. We waited a couple of hours and then it was canceled. The team came back to the guesthouse, but I spent that afternoon and night in the hospital with Rachael, she had an intestinal infection and was dehydrated. She was feeling much better Friday morning. I was quite impressed with the hospital and medical facilities, and even though I had victory over the reclining chair that did not want to recline, I did not get very much sleep on Thursday night.

Friday was a bonus day because I hung out at the guesthouse all day reading and resting, it was lovely. Yes our flight was canceled, but it was truly relaxing and lovely.

Saturday was a bonus day, we found out our flight was canceled and so we went to the airport to try to get on another airline. While we were there they actually closed the airport for a time and NOTHING was landing or taking off - not a great sign. Terry Hawk (the field director for WGM Honduras) and I spent an hour and a half at the desk trying to get our team home. The clerk that helped us - Daniel actually helped us on Thursday to retrieve items that we lost going through security on our canceled flight that day. He was very helpful and we were able to rebook our flights for tomorrow. 7 team members - Zach, Brittney, Rachael, JJ, Shianne, Danny, and Deanna will be leaving at about 4:30am to drive to another international airport in Honduras (it is about 4 1/2 hours away) they will be flying out tomorrow. The other 7 of us (Gabriel, Sarah, Angel, Stephanie, Nick, Julianna, and me) will try again to fly out of Teguc tomorrow. This may seem like a strange solution, but because of all the canceled flights, some people today were being told they will not be able to get a flight until Thursday.

Anyway, today's bonus day was really great. After the airport, we went out to lunch. We went to the mall and ate in the food court - Burger King. Then the team wandered around the mall for a while and I got to visit with the missionaries that are currently taking care of us, Terry and Colleen Hawk. Then some of the group stayed behind at the guesthouse and the rest of us went to a park with an overlook of the city and a giant statue of Jesus and a Chinese garden and a replica of a Mayan temple - strange combination I agree. Then we went to the National Churches retreat center and learned a little more about the ministries here in Honduras, it was really a great day.

Tomorrow is a bonus day, it is Sunday and those of us traveling from here in Teguc will have the opportunity to go to an early service tomorrow morning on our way to the airport with Mark and Serena Dunbar (the missionaries who will be taking care of our half of the team) - I am really looking forward to that.

So many blessings in these bonus days - to have a place to stay and food to eat - the airlines have not provided any of those things. What a blessing to have traveled with a mission organization that is providing those things (I love World Gospel Mission!) Also, how amazing the missionaries here are, it was wonderful to get to be at El Sembrador and be with the missionaries and volunteers there - they were all wonderful. But a bonus, we have also been able to spend time with the missionaries here in Teguc, they have also been amazing! This team is not scheduled to be here and the missionaries have other responsibilities and ministries, but they have been so gracious and wonderful - truly flexible - what wonderful examples and beautiful testimonies!

Well, it is late and I need to be off to sleep. Please continue to pray for us!
In Him,

A blessing indeed!

In wholehearted agreement with Shushan, these extra days have been an extra special blessing. :-) I mean, who else gets a chance to watch Bonanza on a mission trip? And spend all day reading a good missionary book while actually on the field? And get up early to spend an hour and a half drinking coffee and chatting with the missionaries?

God has been good to us, and we praise Him!